The Alaska Constitutional Convention was held at the University of Alaska Fairbanks from November 8, 1955 to February 6, 1956.

The Alaska Constitutional Convention Teacher’s Guide project is a product of the Alaska Historical Society with the assistance of the UAF Office of Public History. The AHS and the Office of Public History seek to bring the excitement and the significance of our nation’s most recent state constitutional convention to today’s youth, primarily through the use of the audio minutes recorded in 1955-56. Students and teachers alike can experience the Convention through an easy-to-use online interface, and cross-reference relevant topics with original audio.

Essential Resources:

To learn about the individual delegates, visit Creating Alaska: The Origins of the 49th State, a University of Alaska project

Listen to the Full Constitutional Convention Minutes courtesy of the Alaska State Library

View the searchable, cross-indexed transcripts of the Constitutional Convention, hosted by the Alaska Department of Law

Download the Alaska State Library’s Guide to the Constitutional Convention Audio Recordings
Click to download the PDF file.

Download the full CD catalogue, showing the original tapes and their location on the remastered CDs used to create this project
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University of Alaska students, faculty and staff, visit iTunes Store > iTunes U > University of Alaska Fairbanks > History and listen to the convention minutes right on your iPod!

The following is not an authoritative compilation of Alaska statehood and constitutional resources. Nonetheless, we have endeavored to provide a substantial selection of sources and research aids.

Digital Resources

Alaska Digital Archives

Alaska History and Cultural Studies

Alaska Historical Society

Alaska State Archives

National Archives Pacific Region, Anchorage

Alaska State Library

Elmer Rasmuson Library (University of Alaska Fairbanks)

Consortium Library (University of Alaska Anchorage and Alaska Pacific University)

Egan Library (University of Alaska Southeast)

Alaska State Museums

University of Alaska Museum of the North

Anchorage Museum

Museums Alaska

Alaska Constitutional Convention Delegate Vic Fischer Discusses the Boundary Commission with Rep. Guttenberg
Wednesday, March 10, 2010
Purchase The 49th Star, a KUAC Fairbanks production

Constitution of the State of Alaska

Alaska Constitution: A Citizen’s Guide, 4th ed.

Alaska Constitutional Convention Minutes Concerning Judicial Selection and Retention

Alaska's Constitutional Convention: 1955, Honoring its 50th anniversary. June Allen,, Ketchikan, AK

Alaska Department of Natural Resources, Office of History and Archeology

UAA’s Student Alaska Constitutional Convention

Gavel to Gavel Alaska, “A Constitution for Alaska”—video

Alaska Law Review, Duke University

Juneau Empire project for 50 years of statehood

Printed Material

Coghill, John B. Growing Up in Alaska. Kayto Communications, 2009.

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